First Magento Meetup in Lausanne

The 25th Swiss Magento Meetup was the 1st Magento Meetup in Lausanne hosted by BeMore, attended by 22 people mostly from the French speaking Magento community.

Special thanks to Pascale Trezzini from BeMore and Pascal Blanchut from axionet for helping to organise the event and inviting one of their clients to speak about their migration from Hybris to Magento. Here’s their presentation as PDF.

What was initially planned as an online presentation about the Magento 2 roadmap turned out to be a personal visit of Magento employee Vincent Brach. Many thanks to him, too, for taking the time to share this very interesting and well presented roadmap. Here’s his presentation as PDF.

Please join us on to get notified of upcoming events. Looking forward to meeting you next year.

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